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The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot

In today's blog post, I'm simply sharing what you can expect from my 30-Day Metabolic Reboot program.


Why We're Doing This Together

So, why 30 days? Why a "Reboot?" What kind of metabolic miracles can you expect over the next month?

In my experience, after working with nearly 500 one-on-one clients, we can move metabolic mountains in 30 days. It takes a re-education; an unlearning and then relearning of health concepts involving food, movement, and lifestyle. My all-time favourite metabolic hacks are laid out in this 30-day program, delivered daily.


First, what is "metabolism?"

You may only know metabolism as being a mystical, cosmic process that either moves "slowly (boo)" or "quickly (yay!)" Please allow me to offer the world's fastest clarification on that for you:

Metabolism is the system of the body that decides how fuel is used. Is the food you eat effectively taken up into the cells and used as fuel to provide energy for the body? Or is it carried away and stored as fat? And then if that happens, metabolism determines how and when that stored fat is mobilized out of storage and into the cells, to be used as fuel.

Maybe you go to the gym to "burn fat." Maybe you carefully select certain foods to help you "burn fat." I'm here to tell you that you can't and won't "burn fat" until that metabolic process is brought online.

Understanding all of this, you can probably recognize that your metabolism determines how much fat you have on your body, how readily that fat can be accessed and burned, and also directly impacts how much energy you have. It impacts how your body feels, and how you feel in your body.

The fast metabolism/slow metabolism paradigm is a bothersome to me. It's oversimplified and dead wrong. I want you to forget about what speed you think your metabolism is destined to run. In my opinion and experience, we are all designed to be perfect, optimal, fuel-efficient units. Every one of us can have the energy and the waistline that we desire.

Your metabolism just needs a little... reboot!


The Side Effects of a Woke Metabolism

When your metabolism finally wakes up, you can expect a few great side effects:

"Feeling better." I know this sounds generic, but almost every person I've ever worked with has come to me describing themselves as "not feeling as good as I know I can." It's a hard feeling to put your arms around, but if you have a sense of inner knowing that you can feel better than you do now, this will be the program for you.

Some of the "better feelings" my clients have reported include:

Level energy throughout the day: no more 3pm slumps

Better sleeps, which results in improved feelings of vitality and vigour throughout the day

A clearer mind: Your brain can step up to the plate because it's more nourished and supported by fuel

Improved moods; reduced mood swings: A broken metabolism shows up in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is low-grade anxiety and/or temper

Looser Pants When we start giving our body the fuel it is perfectly designed to use, one of the things it rewards us with is some pretty great water weight loss. In my opinion, water weight loss still counts! Your pants will feel looser. Your coworkers may comment on your face looking slimmer. You'll like what you see in the mirror. There ain't nothing wrong with that!

Weight Loss? Look, any person or program who promises epic weight loss in 30 days should be treated with some heavy suspicion. I don't like or trust fast and dramatic weight loss. I prefer it slow and low.

But weight loss (or, as I prefer to call it, "fat loss") is, in my opinion, an eventual inevitability of a metabolism that is finally ticking like a clock, maybe for the first time since your 20s, when it was soooo easy to maintain a leaner body.

Some of my clients experience double-digit weight loss in a month; some do not experience any. But what's important is that we're taking a healing approach to your metabolism, and once that system of the body has been rebooted, it will begin tapping into the fat stores that have been seemingly stuck on your body for the last few years. One of the most incredible benefits of my metabolic approach to fat loss is the long term, consistent loss of excess body fat. You get a little leaner, year over year...

Although it's not fast and dramatic, I sure don't mind going down a pants size every year; it's a helluva lot better than going the other way!


Now that you know all of that, you might feel inspired to sign up for my Reboot! I only offer this fun program three times per year... so get in on it by clicking here!

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