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Imagine if your clothes ALWAYS fit?

My fave summer sun dress always fits me. Every summer.

(The case for forever fat loss.)

I bought this very inexpensive sun dress maybe 8 years ago. It was $14.99 and I got it at the grocery store. It is a very generic cut, in a very generic cotton (that has softened over years of washing and drying).

I wear the hell out of it every summer.

And every summer it fits.

And I *know* it’s going to fit every summer.

  • I know my summer dresses are going to fit every summer.

  • I know my fall jackets are going to fit every fall.

  • I pack the same swimsuits to take on my beach vacation every winter, and am immune — IMMUNE, I say! — to the 10 million Cupshe, Left on Friday, and Andie Swim ads served up constantly on Instagram. I have probably saved thousands of dollars on swimsuits alone.

My whole wardrobe fits. Always.

But that wasn’t always the case. When I was moderately insulin resistant (I was prediabetic), I put on fat very quickly. It would accumulate in the places that made it really hard to fit in and feel cute in clothes.

Around the waist.

Love handles.

Bra bulge.

I could NOT have worn this little dress confidently at all in my early 30s, before I got a handle on my metabolism. But I’ve been rocking it for the entirety of my 40s so far, and I feel pretty in it.

It’s just a little thing, but I never have to expend the emotional and mental energy feeling badly about seasonal body changes because… nothing’s changing. It’s really nice.

This is the case for FOREVER fat loss.

Maybe 32-year old Erin could have crash dieted and fit into this dress for one summer. (Fast fat loss.)

But metabolically woke 47-year old Erin can wear it EVERY summer until it disintegrates. (Forever fat loss.)

P.S. Anyone know a great dress maker? I need 100 clones of this exact dress so I never have to wear another thing ever again. P.P.S. If you'd like to explore my proven approach to fixing your metabolism so you can lose fat forever and always fit your fave clothes, book a call. Let's see if I can help you with that. Crash diets only work in the short term. Metabolic fat loss solves your "shrinking wardrobe" problem by fixing the root cause: a body that has forgotten how to burn fat.

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