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I deliver freedom from food fixation by creating metabolic miracles.


Hi, I'm Erin.


I'm not going to write this bio in the third person because I'm writing it myself, about myself. I've spent nearly 30 years in the fitness industry, as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.


Through most of my fitness career, I watched people fail.  Time and time again. Following all the rules. Shelling out all the money. Counting, weighing, measuring, diarizing... failing. Feeling dejected. Not understanding why their bodies were insisting on failing them. Assuming that failure was their ultimate destiny. 

It was when my own health took a dramatic turn for the worse that I really woke up to the fact that everything we'd learned was wrong. Everything we in the fitness industry had been telling people was wrong. Tracking calories isn't "all it takes" to achieve our body composition goals. A great deal of our health and happiness, in fact, has precious little to even do with how much we eat or move. What a revelation! I dove into the research, healed myself, and became evangelical about teaching people the true biochemical workings of metabolism.


The body is a beautiful, complex machine, and I've set out o a crusade to educate people how best to get it working for them. 

I enrolled in nutrition school at the tender young age of 37 years old, graduating with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. It was a good start, offering up the nutrition science education and the credential needed to get out there and open a business teaching everything I had learned in my personal health journey - the "Unconventional Wisdom," as it were. From there I've taken a handful of other coaching  training, seminars, and certifications, to help build a business nurturing people along the scary path to massive lifestyle change. 

The things I ask you to do are not the same old things you've heard before.


Those things didn't work.


This is very difficult for people to wrap their heads around, and that's why you need a patient trustworthy, and knowledgeable coach to lead you through it. I do a lot of mythbusting in my day-to-day interactions with my clients. I'm a bit of an outspoken brat where conventional wisdom is concerned.


 And I'm also totally confident. 


There is no doubt in my mind that I can get to the bottom of your metabolic woes in just a few short and intentional weeks; dramatically dialling in your appetite, cravings, mood, energy, waistline and scale weight (if you're into that sort of thing). I've developed programs, products, and services that work, although they are a little off the beaten path... But what do you have to lose?

It's my mission to enable everyone to achieve an effortless relationship with food. Once and for all. 

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