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Here is exactly why you're snacking at night

Want to know why you're snacking so much in the evening? It's because you're hungry!

I know... rocket science, right?

I have officially lost count of the number of clients I've worked with who tell me that their evening snacking is what's doing them in and holding them back from their health, happiness, and body composition goals.

When I ask them to share with me a typical day of eating, it is blatantly obvious what's going on.

The problem is not your self-control, or your willpower, or your propensity to eat when you're bored. The problem is that you're hungry. After a day of well-behaved diet food, by the time evening rolls around you've got a hunger that has been virtually ignored much of the day... and you'll never be able to out-willpower your biological calls for fuel.

The solution: eat more of your food in the early part of the day. Make your breakfast meal an epic meal full of protein, healthy fats, and fibre. Honestly, try it for a few days and let me know what happens. It's a freakin' gamer changer.

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