Success Story: Carole

Updated: May 21, 2019

I'm just going to leave this here. From a client who just completed the 8 Weeks to Effortless program. :,)

- EP


  • High protein meals make me feel satisfied and “even.”

  • My desire to binge has drastically decreased.

  • I was thinking/focusing way too much on food.

  • I understand more how alcohol is affecting my sleep, food choices and overall well being.

  • Desire to drink alcohol has decreased.

  • Fasted workouts are so awesome.

  • Carbohydrates don’t react well with me (amount, type).

  • I can’t and won’t make a big deal regarding deviations on my diet.

  • When I’m truly hungry, I absolutely want to eat all the foods on my “diet”. When I don’t, I know I’m really not hungry.

  • Weight is BS. Striving instead to get a “smaller," more fit/toned/strong body.

  • Too much exercise is actually a step BACKWARDS for me.

  • If you’re not feeling it, respect your body by not pushing it.

  • Bacon is sooo damn good (I did not allow myself to eat for so many years).

  • Cold brew. Damnnnnn.

  • I’ve lost 6lbs!! Actually, I should say “I’m a smaller person!!!” cause that’s really what I want. (...I’m so proud that I didn’t weigh myself for 8 weeks. Didn’t want this program to be about that.)

  • My mood has improved.

  • Less anxious.

  • My body is more flexible with meal times.

  • I am more educated on inflammation and the body.

When I turned 40 in December, I had a goal to be BAD ASS. At the time, this meant being super fit, achieving goals, being the best mom/wife, etc.

I’ve taken a long time to think about what I REALLY want.

Here it is: I want to FEEL GOOD and BE HAPPY.

When I have both those things, everything else comes together.

eat.simple has been the best investment I could have made.

- Graduated 8 Weeks To Effortless client, Carole


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