Yes. You can.

Here is something I hear a lot: “I can’t do this.” I sometimes hear this in the first few days after handing someone their nutrition plan, although sometimes it happens even sooner. Like, you know… right AS I’m delivering the good news that we can create health and happiness with just a few dietary tweaks. ​“Nope. Can’t do that.” Well, yes… You CAN. I have a sneaking suspicion this sentiment will creep into the heart and minds of New Years Resolutioners, right around maybe mid January. “Frick. I can’t do this." Yes. You can. Do you WANT to? Maybe not. But you most certainly CAN. Can you make it through the entire holiday season without gaining the standard 7-12lbs? Yep. Can you load your holiday dinner plate up with protein and veg, diminishing the portion size of the crappy/bloaty/bingey stuff? The stuffing, mashed potatoes, perogies? The stuff that makes you need to immediately unbutton your pants and take a nap on the couch? You sure can. Guess what? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: You CAN eliminate a food that is holding you back from optimal health - even if that food is one of your very favourites. You absolutely *can* get rid of those little hits of poison. You can live without them. Many people do. And yes. You can too. You CAN commit to eating a hearty, nutrient-dense breakfast every day. It’s a bit of work, I guess. You might have to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. But heck yeah, you can do that. Can you dial down your sugar intake? Yes. Can you dial up your water intake? Mm-hmm. Can you wean yourself off of your vanilla latte? You bet. Can you put a few extra veggies on your plate at every meal? Damn straight. You get the point. You might not WANT to. But you abso-effing-lutely CAN. Quit getting in your way. You can do anything you want.


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