Do dieting --> Done dieting.

If you're going to work with me you need to be done dieting.

I work with the people who have tried everything, and they're DONE.

Some of the things worked for a short while; until they stopped working. Some things worked for a long while until it felt like their body stopped working. The body tapped out.

Some things didn't work because they were too hard, fussy, restrictive, expensive, or just plain crazy. The mind tapped out

Some things didn't work because they were misaligned from the type of life a person wants to lead, and out of integrity of their core values: for example, the mom who wants to be a healthy example for her kids but found herself drinking smoothies instead of eating real food. The spirit tapped out.

By my count, we are now about four generations deep in dieting culture. It is not easy to stop dieting. It is more normal to be "on a program," than it is to not be.

My program isn't really a program. Having said that, I deliver it like it's a program (it's exactly 8 weeks long, it has particular steps that you need to take in a certain order...) because I know that "programs," weirdly, are more comfortable for people.

But my program is actually a relationship, and I don't get into relationships with just anyone.

The people I work with have had a moment where they say "Okay, you know what? I'm done with this. What does my body WANT?"

"What does my BODY want?"

How to tell if you are a candidate to apply to work with me:

  • You have realistic expectations about your physical container. You look at pics of shredded, fit, beautiful people and say "Nope. I just don't want that. I don't want to do the work, micromanage my body, or embroil myself in vanity pursuits in order to look like that." If you look at shredded fit-fluencers on Instagram and wistfully long for their physique, or wonder if you could have something a little more like what they have, I can't help you yet.

  • You get happiness from the idea of feeling amazing in your body. Of just going through life without even really thinking about your body or how it shows up in the world. If you get happiness from the idea of LOOKING amazing in your body, I can't help you yet.

  • You have fatigued out of discipline. You have been regimented in the past, but currently struggle to muster it up. You want something kinder. If you still have an inkling that if you were just a little bit more disciplined, if you just woke up a little earlier, or upgraded your FitBit, or squeezed in a run every day, or weighed your chicken breasts on a food scale, that you'd be closer to your goals... if part of you still kinda wants to be on a diet? I can't help you yet.

It's hard to be DONE with dieting because we're conditioned to DO dieting.

But if you think you're done, and you want help with that, I'd love to get to know you.


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