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Work With a Proven Metabolism Expert
Fix Your Sluggish Midlife Metabolism
Achieve an Effortless Relationship with Food

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Hi! I'm Erin, and I'm a board certified health coach specializing in metabolism, fat loss, our relationship with our body/food, and diet culture deprogramming


The Metabolic Reboot is a short, sharp, super-charged, high-touch & hands-on 21-day immersion into metabolic health so you can begin to get the needle moving on dialling up your energy, dialling down your waist circumference, and finally achieving an effortless relationship with food. 

I've got tons of Reboot info on this page for you, so... keep scrolling! When you're ready to call dibs on your spot, just click the big green button, and I'll take care of the rest.

I'm looking forward to working with you. 

- Erin

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What is The Metabolic Reboot?


So, why a "Reboot?" And what kind of metabolic miracles can you expect during our month together?


In my experience, after working with over 1000 clients, we can move metabolic mountains in just a few weeks days. It takes a re-education; an unlearning and then relearning of health concepts involving food, movement, and lifestyle. My all-time favourite metabolic hacks are laid out in this 21-day program, delivered daily. 


First, what is "metabolism?"

You may only know metabolism as being a mystical, cosmic process that either moves "fast" (yay!) or "slow" (boo). Please allow me to offer the world's fastest clarification on that for you:


Metabolism is the system of the body that decides how fuel is used. Is the food you eat effectively taken up into the cells and used as fuel to provide energy for the body? Or is it carried away and stored as fat? And then, if that happens, metabolism also is responsible for determining how and when (and if!) that stored fat is mobilized out of storage and into the cells, to be used as fuel.


Maybe you go to the gym to "burn fat." Maybe you carefully select certain foods to help you "burn fat."

I'm here to tell you that you can't and won't "burn fat" until you metabolic processes are brought online.


That's what The Metabolic Reboot will do.


Understanding all of this, you can probably recognize that your metabolism determines how much fat you have on your body, how readily that fat can be accessed and burned, and also directly impacts how much energy you have. It impacts how your body feels, and how you feel in your body. It even impacts your mood, mental clarity, and attitude. When you can get energy from food — and from your own fat stores — a lot of things get better. 


The fast metabolism/slow metabolism paradigm is a bothersome to me. It's oversimplified and dead wrong. I want you to forget about what speed you think your metabolism is destined to run. In my opinion and experience, we are all designed to be perfect, optimal, fuel-efficient units. Every one of us can have the energy and the waistline that we desire. 


Your metabolism just needs a little... reboot! 


The Side Effects of a Woke Metabolism

When your metabolism finally wakes up, you can expect a few great side effects:


"Feeling better."

I know this sounds generic, but almost every person I've ever worked with has come to me describing themselves as "not feeling as good as I know I can." It's a hard feeling to put your arms around, but if you have a sense of inner knowing that you can feel better than you do now, this will be the program for you.


Some of the "better feelings" my clients have reported include: 

  • Level energy throughout the day: no more 3pm slumps

  • Better sleeps, which results in improved feelings of vitality and vigour throughout the day

  • A clearer mind: Your brain can step up to the plate because it's more nourished and supported by fuel

  • Improved moods; reduced mood swings: A broken metabolism shows up in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is low-grade anxiety


Looser Pants

When we start giving our body the fuel it is perfectly designed to use, one of the things it rewards us with is some pretty great water weight loss. In my opinion, water weight loss still counts! Your pants will feel looser. Your coworkers may comment on your face looking slimmer. You'll like what you see in the mirror. There ain't nothing wrong with that! 


Weight Loss?

Look. Any person or program who promises epic weight loss in 21 days should be treated with some suspicion. I don't like or trust fast and dramatic weight loss. I prefer it slow and low.


But weight loss (or, as I prefer to call it, "fat loss") is, in my opinion, an eventual inevitability of a metabolism that is finally ticking like a clock, maybe for the first time since your 20s, when it was soooo easy to maintain a leaner body.


Some of my clients experience double-digit weight loss in a month; some do not experience any. But what's important is that we're taking a healing approach to your metabolism, and once that system of the body has been rebooted, it will begin tapping into the fat stores that have been seemingly stuck on your body for the last few years. One of the most incredible benefits of my metabolic approach to fat loss is the long term, consistent loss of excess body fat. You get a little leaner, year over year...


Although it's not fast and dramatic, I sure don't mind going down a pants size every year; it's a helluva lot better than going the other way!

Why Should I Care?


I created the Reboot to clean up the messaging around how your body actually uses fuel. And how your thoughts, feelings, and personal life inputs play an important role. 

The Reboot teaches the best practices I’ve collected after working very closely in personal coaching relationships with hundreds of unique souls. After all, we are all about 98.5% genetically identical. This is the stuff that works, generally, for humans. And, in pure eat.simple fashion, it’s easy and non-fussy.

You will learn:

  • Why diet and exercise has stopped workig for you for fat loss. 

  • The true, inarguable facts about fat, carbs and protein — all of which are incredibly valuable and important; none of which are to be feared; and none of which are responsible for making you fat

  • How to  stop thinking about food all day long  by tapping into the simplicity of your innate hunger and fullness cues (which you were born with but which have been “broken” over a lifetime)

  • How to make food decisions that support you while “meeting you where you’re at” in terms of  your schedule, your socioeconomic status, your access to food, your preferences,  and other such factors that may have derailed you previously (because no other program ever bothered to teach you how to work with them)

  • How making a simple shift in the timing your food can open up a whole new world of  connection to your innate elegant hunger and fullness signals

  • How to  listen and trust your body,  even when it’s asking for ice cream or wine

  • How to move your body to  get the most metabolic bang for your buck

  • How to  sleep like it’s your damned job  and why it’s a metabolic non-negotiable (the second most important factor after food)

  • How to  practice self-compassion and kindness  as an aspect of health: totally obliterated by diet culture which basically teaches you to hate yourself thin (oops did I say that out loud)

  • How to  “screw up” and “get back on the wagon” with no judgement or shame spiral  or starting-over-again-on-Monday

  • How to get rid of the damned wagon altogether

Most importantly, the Reboot is a RELATIONSHIP. Not an app. Not a program. Not a plan.


You’re with me. I’m with you. There’s a community around us.


This is utterly non-negotiable and, in my view, the only way to do this kind of important work. 

WHY the Reboot
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Join Now! (4).png

I’ve collected hundreds of client Intake forms and they all say some version of the same thing: “I don’t even know how to eat anymore and it’s consuming all of my mental energy. I need to get my life back. I want an easy relationship with food and my body for the first time in recorded history. And if I could start moving this extra stubborn fat that’s been stuck on me since  about my 35th birthday that’d be a nice bonus.”

If you can relate to that, the Reboot is probably for you. Actually, while we're on that topic...

Who is it for
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Who's the Reboot For?


I do my best work with folks who struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Bewildered, confused and nervous about making the “wrong” food decisions

  • Overwhelmed by food rules: Should I be drinking more water? Should I be eating less red meat? Aren’t carbs bad for you? Etc.

  • Have a desire to explore the deeper meanings behind their desire for health improvement including (but not exclusively) fat loss

  • If fat loss is a health goal, has a patient mindset toward it (of course, the occasional moment of “I want it to go FASTER” will crop up; that’s fine… that’s your “diet training” rearing its ugly head… if you’re open to working through it, I am too.)

  • Have tried at least 5 other diet programs with limited/difficult sustained results, and are ready to explore something that's designed to teach you how to eat, how to move, and how to respect and understand your own body, so you never need another app, program, guru, or coach ever again



(Who is it NOT for?)

If you relate with any of the following points, The Metabolic Reboot might not

be the right fit for you:

  • Those looking for fast weight loss

  • Those with a deadline: be it hitting a certain scale weight, or getting into
    a certain pair of pants, or achieving any goal at all by a certain date

  • Those whose need for urgent results far overshadows their willingness
    to sit in patience while their body heals

  • Those who really, really want to be on a diet... food scale and calorie
    tracking app and the whole nine yards

  • Plant-exclusive eaters; I believe in the power of protein and my method
    of crafting epic metabolic health is way easier with some animal protein

  • Those looking for help with very difficult aesthetic goals (dropping body
    to a fat very low, aka “getting shredded”); or athletic performance goals

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Reboot Success Stories

Check out these video testimonials from past Rebooters!

HOW we Reboot
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The HOW of The Metabolic Reboot


Let’s talk the tactics of The Metabolic Reboot. Here's what the our 21 days together look like:


>> Daily Educational/Actionable Emails

Every day you'll receive an email. It will contain the educational lesson and task of the day. You might not always be able to execute on that task on that particular day. That's okay... Get to it when you can. Each of the daily tasks are meant to layer overtop of each other in a particular sort of way, so as long as you do your best to implement what's delivered as soon as you can, you're going to feel like a totally different person in just 21 days' time. 


Some of the tasks are big — like asking you to clean out your pantry and fridge and get rid of a few "food groups." Some of the tasks are small — like focusing on your breath for just 5 minutes. They're all important, and all tied to improving your metabolic function. 

>> Daily Coaching Webinars, Q&As, and Food/Movement Demos

Over the course of our 21 days together, you'll connect with me live via Zoom/Facebook as I offer up deeper education on what you've learned so far, answer your questions, and teach you how to cook simple food that tastes good, isn't fussy, and will get your metabolism ticking like a clock. I love hanging with my Rebooters. You'll join me for at least 21 Live Workshops throughout our 21 days together. Every single day, inside our private Facebook group, I’ll be there with you to answer your questions on the fly, and share some of my "riffs and ramblings." If you play your cards right, you can pick my brain, every day for 21 days!

>> The Perks of Working With Me!

If you've been picking up what I've been putting down, and you think it might be fun to try working together to fire up your sluggish metabolism and help you achieve an effortless relationship with food, this is a really nice way to drop into a coaching relationship with me and see what it's all about. The Reboot is a short-duration group program with a very friendly price tag. Fun fact: the only time I EVER discount the price of my coaching programs is to Rebooters. If you complete the Reboot, you'll get $350 off the price of The Metabolic Miracle, my proven and personalized metabolic coaching program.

>> You'll Love It, or your Money Back

If you're not digging The Metabolic Reboot, just let me know. I'll honour a no-questions-asked refund on your enrollment fee (as long as the refund is requested during the first 7 days of the Reboot). No refunds will be honoured after this 7-day period. 


>> Simplicity

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m all about simple.


Literally all you need to be successful in this Reboot is an email account and a Facebook account. You don’t need a food scale. You don’t need a FitBit. You don’t need to download any food tracking or menu apps. You don’t need starting measurements or before and after pics (though, go for it if you want to!). This is it. 


After coaching over 2000 clients, I know that the only tools you need to be successful are: EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT. That’s what you’re going to get from me, and from this challenge.

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