Tuning Out the Noise: What if you just trusted your body?

I was trying to think of a pep talk I could share here in the blog, and with my active clients in their Weekly Check In email. I do this every Sunday, and I usually like to reflect on topics and ideas and musings that have been triggered as I've cruised around the socialsphere during my work week.

Unfortunately the only thing that came up rather consistently this week was not one, but two articles suggesting that a diet based on quality animal protein, great sources of healthy fat, vegetables and some fruit will kill you. A lot of smart people have taken on the task of debunking the articles; and poking holes in the studies themselves (you can read Chris Kresser's Tweet Storm on it here), so I won't bother to do that.

But allow me to share with you my foolproof tactic for dealing with these barrages of studies and poorly written clickbait journalism: I tune them out and focus on my anecdotal health journey.

If something isn't working, my body will tell me, and I trust in that.

And what I'm trying to teach my clients is to trust the signals they get from within; rather than relying on what a scientific paper tells them is going to prolong/end their life.

This video rant below, captured via Instagram whilst sitting in my car, sums up my feelings on the matter:


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