My New Year's Day Break Fast

This is what I ate for breakfast today, at 1:30pm—#nofilter on those egg yolks either, y'all. They were THAT yellow. I went out last night for some New Year cheer and helped myself to some festive snacks and drinks. I didn't exhibit discipline - I almost never do, becasue I find discipline to be a real drag. I absentmindedly grazed on charcuterie (meat/cheese/pickles), nuts, dark chocolate, Christmas baking, chips, wine and more for at least 7 hours over at a friend's house while we played board games. I got home late and didn't get to sleep until almost 4am. I woke up this morning and felt hungry. My first thought was, "Well, I should probably just fast for a while since I had so many treats last night." I boiled up a pot of green tea and drank it—that often quells my little nagging morning hunger—but the hunger didn't go away. So, I ate! I ate a striploin and three eggs. Amazing, delicous, satiating, satifsying food that answered my hunger in a smart way. Any snacking urges I may have had (because, as you know, those little sugar/carb nibbles here and there set off a cascade of even more sugar/carb cravings - and I'm not immune to those either), have vanished I'm energized and fed and can carry on wth my tasks of the day, which mostly involve enjoying one last day of quiet reading my book by the wood stove. I hope you're starting off 2018 with an optimistic heart/mind. Don't forget that I'm rooting for you.

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