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Client Success Story: Veronica

Hi folks! Erin here. One thing I don't ask for a lot in my business are things like before and after photos, or raves and reviews. But gosh darnit... sometimes when a person has finally achieved an effortless relationship with food, and their body starts working - I mean REALLY WORKING for them, instead of against them, oftentimes for the first time in their adult life... well, they want to shout it from the rooftops.

Meet Veronica. Veronica is an energetic go-getter. She's an achiever. A DOer. She's a group fitness instructor, like me. I have a lot of fellow group fitness instructors as clients, because well... Just like everyone else, sometimes we get into habits and behaviours that we THINK are good for us, but tend to, bewilderdingly, have the opposite of the desired effect. We chronically overtrain. We put food and fitness on an unhealthy punishment/reward spectrum. We are endlessly trusting of anything our beloved fitness industry tells us about how to move, eat, live. And we love, love, LOVE to push ourselves past our limits - for better or worse.

Veronica came to me because, although things were okay in her health and happiness, she had a sinking suspicion they could be way better. We worked together for about 8 weeks the first time, just to get her body working effectively; to biochemically improve her metabolic function, immune function, and more.

A few years later she came back for more. She wanted to level up. She wanted to toe-dip into some, shall we say, "advanced techniques." Her results are nuts. Actually nuts. (Make sure to read to the end and check out those ABS. Damn, girl!)

Read on...


I have to share my journey with eat.simple with all of you because it has changed me and my relationship with food and fitness. I started working with Erin probably 3 years ago; like any other client, I started my conversation by saying I wanted help, but I was skeptical about changing my eating habits... Who can live without cheese?

I worked with Erin for a while, and what I liked the most is that she did not prescribe a diet. She educated me in the power of food and feeling better. And slowly but surely, I changed some of my eating habits and started feeling better. I knew I was on the right path! Back in January of this year I reached out again, with a new objective: to help me fuel my body appropriately to become a Les Mills GRIT coach- one of the most intense physical journeys I've taken on. I didn't really know where this would take me, but I was sure that Erin would help me to get there. Slowly she introduced the concept of fat- and keto-adaptation. I will never look back! I have never felt better, strong, or more confident. I can say: it changed my life!!! Erin is not only knowledgeable but also understanding. She's only a phone call, text, or email away. Whether it's just to say hi, or when you are in the dark and don't know what to do. I have had experiences with other "nutrition experts"... ugh! People who have degrees in nutrition but they preach and judge; prescribe you a diet and recommend to eat like a cow in pasture "6 small meals a day"... Yes, I do get it! You have to do what works best for your body, and not every body is the same. But my point is Erin will never judge you or prescribe something unachievable. Erin will take the time to educate you, which in my mind is more important than prescribing. Then the choice is yours! Erin will make you accountable but you know she's in your corner every step of the way. How cool is that? I loved receiving my Sunday night email where I would talk about my successes and struggles. Like in any other journey some weeks suck and some are just incredible. Either way, she'll be there for you. Erin will also push you to achieve what you thought wasn't possible. She teaches you to get to know YOU better. She always has a new trick under her sleeve. Honestly, it's pure magic!! You are not alone when you're trying to achieve an amazing relationship with food and it's worth every moment. If you are serious about changing for real... call Erin. There's nothing to lose and real happiness to gain!!


Those ABS, right? Mine look like that too, FYI... :)

If Veronica's transformation piqued your curiosity, there is absolutely nothing to lose by jumping on the phone with me for a quick 30 minute chat.

You don't need to be at this next-level stage. Everyone starts somewhere, and for most eat.simple clients (Veronica included!) we start at the beginning: uncovering your opportunities to improve and feel better, biochemically and metabolically.

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