INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Tweaks to Effortless

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you're a client of mine, I gave you a list of rules. And I was pretty nice about it, if I do say so myself. I asked only for 80% compliance. I suggested a list of yummy foods that can answer almost any craving. I even let you continue your wine habit.

I think leniency helps make these changes more manageable and liveable. I never want to venture too far along the path of discipline and strictness with people because of all the reasons you already know - deprivation leads to spectacular failure more often than not.

But if your progress slows, that's frustrating for you.

In my experience, slowed progress can be rectified by making a few small changes - very slightly shifting the intensity until your body responds. The infographic below offers up the eight best tips I've found. Give them a whirl and start making some change again.


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