Body by Butter: Fat as Fuel

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Do not try this at home.

You can try, but you'll find it very difficult to binge on fat (exception: nuts! Be cautious of your nut intake). Carbs tend to be the most bingeable of the macros.

The bowl above contained today's "breakfast cereal": Two avocados cubed up, tossed in olive oil and lemon juice, Himalayan sea salt and ground black pepper. It was delicious. Maybe the best way to eat an avocado, if I do say so myself. If you're wondering how to eat more avocados, I can't recommend it enough. Hey, this is almost like a recipe! (I don't usually do recipes.)

I did pretty well, but I just can't eat another bite of this breakfast. I'm satiated. (By the way: another amazing side effect of fueling with fat is that when you get "full" you don't get all bloaty and uncomfortable; you just become satiated. You feel fed. It's nice.)

My Fitness Pal doesn't like Biohacking Fat Warriors like me

I have achieved my main health goals long ago - weight loss, amazing energy, an improved relationship with food, perfect markers of health per my bloodwork - and am now experimenting with some different things. Just for fun.

I don't necessarily prescribe bowlsful of avos to my clients.

Nutrition info for this meal:

  • 19g Carbohydrate (11%)

  • 4g Protein (2%)

  • 70g Fat (87%) - My Fitness Pal did NOT like this...

  • I'm also well over halfway to my daily recommended intake of fibre.

I'm having chicken and veggies for my next meal - whenever I get hungry (eat according to hunger, not according to the clock) - so my Carbohydrate and Protein percentages will increase.

Manage Hunger by Eating Satiating Foods

You want the secret to willpower?

Eat foods that are famous for satiating hunger and avoid foods that are notorious for being bingeable.

When you look at it written out that way, it's not exactly rocket science, is it?

This isn't a mater of caloric density or even nutrient density. This is what I call Fuel Density."

This breakfast came in at 582 calories. I finished eating at 11:15am. I predict I won't need to eat again until this evening, after my workout, when all the protein and carbs from my dinner will be utilized for, you know, GAINZ.

Two meals. I'll probably come in at 1200 or so calories. I'll have burned much more than that, when you factor in my two workouts today (one strength, one cardio) and my Basal Metabolic Rate.

1200 Calories!

What's interesting is that "1200 calories" is the usual calorie count associated with restriction-based diets. It's a number that has been bandied about in the diet world ever since I can remember. One of the reasons diets fail is because we tell people things like "eat 1200 calories a day" or "eat fewer carbs" without a realistic action plan as to how to do that while managing the inevitable growl of hunger.

I won't be hungry for a good 5 or so hours. By the time I do get hungry, it will be time for my scheduled evening workout, so I'll need to push my next meal until afterward. This means I'll be exercising to a high level of intensity without specifically fuelling up for that workout - but that's okay because that is how animals' bodies are designed to work. It will be about 7:30pm by the time I tuck into dinner. 8 hours after this bowl of "cereal."

Numbers Game

  • 2 meals

  • 1200 calories

  • 8-hour meal interval

  • 2 fasted workouts

  • ZERO hunger

  • NO need for willpower

That's the sort of diet math I can get behind.

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