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8 Weeks to Effortless: March 2023

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8 Weeks to Effortless has helped nearly 2000 clients lose fat, gain energy and achieve an effortless relationship with food.

This metabolic health coaching program offers up education, encouragement, accountability, and support. You'll receive a detailed diet and lifestyle protocol (no pills, potions, or supplements), as well as a weekly coaching call with your coach, Erin - every week for 8 weeks (long enough to move your metabolism switch from OFF to ON).

Who is 8 Weeks to Effortless for?

Truthfully, anyone who's fatigued out of dieting and just wants to understand how to eat, once and for all, to support optimal health, maximum energy, control over hunger, cravings, and appetite; who wants to begin to move the stubborn stored fat off their body (whether you have 10lbs to lose or 100+); and who wants to free themselves from food fixation, once and for all.

If you are a self-motivated person who can enact behaviour and lifestyle change in your own life with minimal hand-holding, you'll be a perfect fit for 8 Weeks to Effortless, which offers deep education and accountability.

What can I expect to achieve?

An effortless relationship with food, with your body, and a clear understanding of how food supports you into optimal human badassery. Previous 8 Weeks to Effortless clients have expressed that this program is incredibly easy and deprivation-free; has helped them tap into more energy than they know what to do with; and has resulted in the need to buy smaller pants.

How does it work?

It's an online self-paced course designed to educate your without overwhelming you, combined with weekly coaching calls so you get personalized education, accountability, and support. You'll learn not only WHAT to do... but WHY. Each week you'll be invited to a Coaching Call with your coach, Erin Power, the metabolic guru behind eat.simple and the 8 Weeks to Effortless program. Erin will answer your questions and address your concerns, coaching you through the challenges of the week and helping to navigate you down the path to change. You'll gain lifetime access to the eat.simple Community on Facebook, when you can engage with fellow 8WTE peers past: an outstanding motivational and educational resource!

What the heck is "metabolic therapy?"

Your metabolism is the "fuel partitioning" system of your body. In short, I believe the population is struggling with stubborn weight because we've absolutely broken and bewildered our metabolic function. When your body doesn't know how to use fuel properly, you wind up in a fat storage tailspin that feels impossible to get out of: you gain weight incredibly easily, and find it incredibly hard to lose. By healing the metabolism we can remind the body how to mobilize the fuel stored on you in the form of fat. And once that fat starts moving... it doesn't really stop! This is why a metabolic approach to fat loss is far superior to one based on deprivation.

How much weight will I lose?

In eight weeks? It's hard to know. The function of the 8WTE program is to repair metabolic damage first and foremost. Once that's taken care of, the body starts happily liberating your fat stores. The rate at which the body decides to finally let go of fat depends a lot on how much metabolic healing work you specifically need to do. Most people lose a few pounds within the first four weeks. Almost everyone loses weight by the end of 8 weeks - somewhere between 5-10lbs is a good estimate. There are no guarantees though. I can tell you with utmost certainty that your body wants to lose the extra fat just as badly as you do, and once you "teach it" how to do that... you'll start losing fat consistently, and you'll keep losing it until it's gone.

The next round of 8 Weeks to Effortless begins on March 15th, 2023. Grab your spot now!

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