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April 2023 Metabolic Reboot
Video Archives
Day 1: Break Fast Epically
Day 2: Always Answer Hunger with a Meal
Day 3: Prioritize Protein
Day 4: The Funnel
Day 5: Supportive/Unsupportive Food
Day 6: Aerobic (Slow and Low) Exercise
Day 7: Fuel (Fat, Carbs, and Ketones)
Day 8: Own the Mornings Because Your Day WILL Get Away From You
Day 9: Create an Evening Wind Down and Get Good Sleep
Day 10: Love Your Food
Day 11: The Rate of Progress
Day 12: Be Kind to Yourself (for a change)
Day 13: Take 2 Short Walks Per Day - My Only Metabolic "Hack"
Day 14: Learn to "Fail" Better
Day 15: Tackling Food Boredom
Day 16: Better Shopping, Cooking, Foraging
Day 17: The eat.simple Rules
Day 18: Declare Your Victories
Day 19: The eat.simple Clock
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Day 20: The eat.simple Manifesto
Day 21: It's Time to Go Off On Your Own (KEEP PRACTICING)
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