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You feel like you've been on one diet or another for your whole life. 

Despite doing everything "right," your body isn't responding how you expected. Maybe you lose a few pounds here and there. Maybe you manage to keep it off for a few days or a few months. But nothing lasts.

It doesn't sustain 

You spend most moments of your life thinking about food.

What to eat. When to eat. I shouldn't eat this. Should I eat this?

Will this make me fat? Will this make me thin? 

You're not lacking willpower. Your metabolism may simply be broken.


And here's the really beautiful part: I want you to graduate from my care, and learn to love and trust your body for the rest of your life. 

Ditch the dreary diet dogma. 

Free yourself from fussy food fixation. 


It Works. Trust Me.

You want to lose weight. You've been TRYING, so hard. Really you have. And you're about ready to throw in the towel because the ten, fifteen, twenty years (more?) that you've spent endlessly dieting have amounted to nothing except generally poor self esteem and unhealthy obsession with food. 


I have helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight—a few thousand pounds and counting.

I've helped even more people break free from the grip of food fixation. 


And one of those people is me.

I didn't set out to become a Before and After photo: I set out to reverse my stubborn abdominal weight gain, unmanageable energy levels, and uncontrollable hunger. Sound familiar? 

I don't remember ever looking like my "Before" picture, and yet... there I am. I remember feeling miserable—having no control over my energy levels, my mood, my appetite, my body. I remember people saying things to me like "Wow, you're so confident for a woman of your size..." and I was baffled as to what they meant. Because I'm tall? I had no idea I had gotten so heavy so quickly.


The weight gain was so rapid, so insidious, and seemed to come out of nowhere. I had been doing everything right. I had tried every trick in the book. I was living and breathing food, fitness, and dieting, and it wasn't working. 

The time period between my before and after pics is about seven years. I achieved the bulk of my 40lbs weight loss in the first few months. Within the first eight weeks of making my transition, I had moved my belt two notches tighter, I found myself with more energy than I knew what to do with; my appetite was well and truly managed; and I was no longer a slave to food fixation.


In eight weeks.

Yours truly, flaunting my weight loss cred.

Years later, I continue to get a little leaner, year over year, without even trying. Without even thinking about it.


The protocol I used on myself to bring me back from the brink of type 2 diabetes, and which afforded me this pretty effortless weight loss, is exactly what my 8 Weeks to Effortless program will navigate you through. It works. It creates the foundation for the Effortless Relationship With Food that I'm always going on and on about.

What you can't see in the "After" picture is just how liberated I feel. Liberated from the cycle of dieting; freed exercise obsession; detached, at long last, from hating my body; having no idea what to eat or how to move or what to do or why. 

And THAT is what I'm selling.

Oh, by the way... This isn't a "program" in the sense that you'll do it for a while and then I'll keep asking you to re-sign up. You won't need to buy any special shakes or supplements or portion control containers. I'm not running endless "challenge groups." This is a One-And-Done deal. You learn, you lose, you live. You get to carry on with your life and never look back. 

So if posting this really embarrassing Before and After photo helps you make the decision, it's worth it. I know I can help you - whether you have 140lbs to lose or 40lbs or 4. 


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