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HEAlTH coaching

You're frustrated with inexplicable weight gain - especially around the trunk: stomach, back, sides, flanks. This weight gain seemed to have come out of nowhere and feels impossible to budge no matter how much you eat clean and exercise. Five extra pounds. 50. More. 

And you've tried every weight loss plan out there: counting, weighing, measuring, journaling, step tracking, calorie monitoring... Doctor-supervised weight loss injections. Intense exercise regimes.


Oh, not only that... but you just haven't felt like yourself in a while. Your brain is foggy, your energy is non-existent. You feel checked out of life. 

To me, all of these struggles can begin to be remedied, quickly, by firing up your sluggish metabolism. 

​Forget the fussy diet programming that DOES NOT WORK. In just 12 weeks I can teach you new habits based on the actual biochemistry of the human body that will help you MANAGE HUNGER — which is the key to weight loss, and effortless health and vitality for a lifetime.


I want this to be the last nutrition or health program you ever pay for, and I'll guide you through it, step by step, week by week. 

This is what deprivation-free weight loss looks like.
What you can't see here is how liberating it FEELS.

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Rants & Reviews

"eat.simple showed me a new way of eating. I've always eaten healthy, but there were foods that caused inflammation in my body, and healthy foods that were not good for me. Everyone is different. This is my new normal and I love it. Thanks to Erin for changing me, and teaching me that I can control how I feel."


Natalie, Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder

"I love eating this way. It's so easy and amazing. I can do it forever. "

Cathy, weight loss client (25 lbs lost in 8 weeks)


“Thank you, Erin! I have lost 45lbs and counting in just over 8 weeks and my Type 2 Diabetes is starting to come under control. I have already dropped my insulin dosage by half.”

Trevor, Type 2 Diabetes


"If someone told me I could follow a simple eating plan. Not count or track or stress and just enjoy the right foods and lose weight I would have laughed but I am now living proof it works. In 8 weeks with eat.simple I have lost just over 20lbs.

Erin Power is a food genius. Her easy approach has changed my relationship with food and I can feel my body thanking me. Finally this stubborn weight is leaving me and I'm not starving or hangry or even deprived at all. If your in a spot like I was where nothing and I mean NOTHING was working check it out. This is only the beginning for me."


Cristie, weight loss client

"Since the initial elimination and a slow re-introduction I have dropped roughly 10lbs and two notches on my belt. It turns out I was very inflamed and swollen in the abdomen. NOT ANY MORE. I was wearing 36" jeans to ensure not to much pressure was pushing on my guts, especially while driving. I am back to comfortably wearing 34" pants. THIS HAS ONLY BEEN TWO MONTHS-ISH. 

I am definitely more aware of what does what do my guts. I couldn't be happier with the changes. I can't stop saying good things."


MB, Ulcerative Colitis

Eating should be simple. 
Food has nourished our species for 2.5 million years and counting, but we've made it so difficult. So incredibly fussy.

And - let's be real for a moment: It's not working. Look around you. If counting calories was all we needed to do to maintain a healthy weight, then anyone with a calculator could be a Nutritionist, and we sure wouldn't be experiencing the rates of unwellness and "health bewilderment" that our modern culture currently enjoys. 


I come to you from three decades in the fitness industry. Much of what we told you — what I told you! — was ill-informed; a misguided effort, to put it mildly. I'd like to make that right. 

I believe effortless health can be yours. And your body wants it just as badly as you do. 


Why count, weight , measure, diarize and obsess? Forget about calories. Delete your food diary app. Relegate your exercise-tracking gadgets to the junk drawer (your FitBit doesn't really match your outfit anyway...).

Life is just way too short for fussy food fixation. Simply eat the foods that create health, that support balance; watch your body and your mind, your health and your happiness flourish.  


I deliver freedom from food fixation by creating metabolic miracles.

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