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Support for the Canadian Weight Loss Grants program

Canadian weight loss clients who achieve a pre-determined amount of weight loss in a pre-determined amount of time may be eligible for a rebate of up to $2500 on the weight loss program of their choosing. 

As an approved provider for the Weight Loss Grants program, you can use eat.simple services and programs to help achieve your weight loss goals, and be eligible for the grant rebate (as long as all pre-determined conditions are met). 

There are two ways to apply to the program:

Sign up with me directly by booking a free online consultation. I will then funnel you into the Weight Loss Grants program. 

Click here to book your no-obligation consult call with me.




Apply directly at The program will offer you up eligible weight loss service providers within an 8km radius of your postal code. The grant program wants to remove all possible barriers, and one of those barriers is inconvenience; they want you to be physically close to your provider. (Note that if you apply through the website, and are not within an 8km radius of my location, my services will not show as available to you.). 

In both circumstances, you must pay for your weight loss program in full, up front. You will receive a rebate of 80% of your total purchase price, to a maximum of $2500, once you have successfully completed your weight loss. 

It's an incredible opportunity. And I'd love to help you achieve this goal, once and for all. 

If you have more detailed questions about the Weight Loss Grants program, visit their website, or give them a call at 1-866-670-6578.

eat.simple weight loss programs and terms

6-month Guided Transformation: $2500 | Rebate potential: $2000


Instalment Payment Plan (total investment $2600 | Rebate potential $2080)

50% payment ($1300CDN) required to eat.simple up-front. 

50% remainder ($1300CDN) required to eat.simple after 12 weeks.


Monthly Payment Plan: $450/month (total investment: $2700 | Rebate potential: $2160)

10-month Guided Transformation: $4000 | Rebate potential: $2500


Instalment Payment Plan (total investment: $4200 | Rebate potential: $2500)

25% payment ($1050CDN) required to eat.simple up-front.

25% instalment ($1050CDN) required to eat.simple 12 weeks after program start date (3-month point).

25% instalment ($1050CDN) required to eat.simple 22 weeks after program start date (~5.5-month point).

25% instalment ($1050CDN) required to eat.simple 32 weeks after program start date (~8-month point).

Monthly Payment Plan: $450/month (total investment $4500 | Rebate potential: $2500)


Terms and Conditions

No refunds. If an instalment payment is missed, the weight loss program stops and no further support is offered until the account is brought up to good standing. The end date of the program does not shift if a payment gap results in a service gap. 

If you succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off, you will be reimbursed from the Weight Loss Grants (WLG) Organization, not eat.simple.

If weight loss is not achieved or maintained, no rebate will be offered; either from WLG or eat.simple

eat.simple is not responsible in any way for the delivery or restriction of the Weight Loss Grants rebate.

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