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The Metabolic Reboot | Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Reboot
Lose fat, gain energy, and achieve an effortless relationship with food... in just 21 days!
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Join the challenge. Repair your metabolism. Gain energy & lose fat. Improve your relationship with food. All in just 21 days.

Short, sharp, fun, transformational, and SIMPLE.

That's what past participants have liked the most about The Metabolic Reboot.

In just 21 Days we can make bold steps to reset your metabolism, and transform your health and happiness.

Great as a kick-start to a lifestyle change; awesome as a refresher to get you back in line. In classic eat.simple fashion, there is nothing fussy or difficult or boring or diet-y about this program.

The Spring 2024 edition of The Metabolic Reboot runs from April 20th through May 10th.

100%, 7-Day, unconditional, money-back guarantee. If, after 7 days in the Reboot (by midnight MDT on April 26th), you're not getting out of it what you had hoped, I'll give you a full refund. This program is not recommended for plant-based eaters.

What's included:

  • One easy-to-implement diet, exercise, and/or lifestyle task each day for 21 days, suitable for almost all ages and fitness levels; delivered via email and supported in Facebook discussions.
  • Access to a private Facebook group full of interesting and supportive Rebooters, to offer accountability and fun.
  • Daily Coaching and Q&A webinars (on Facebook - your choice!) with your coach, Erin Power, a board certified health coach and metabolism expert, who will share tips, tricks, techniques, coaching, and answers to your questions. Every day for 21 days. The recordings will be saved and shared forever, if you have to miss the live session.

You will learn:

  • Why dieting has stopped working for you.
  • The true, inarguable facts about fat, carbs and protein — all of which are incredibly valuable and important; none of which are to be feared; and none of which are responsible for making you fat
  • How to stop thinking about food all day long by tapping into the simplicity of your innate hunger and fullness cues (which you were born with but which have been “broken” over a lifetime)
  • How to make food decisions that support you while “meeting you where you’re at” in terms of your schedule, your socioeconomic status, your access to food, your preferences, and other such factors that may have derailed you previously (because no other program ever bothered to teach you how to work with them)
  • How making a simple shift in the timing your food can open up a whole new world of connection to your innate elegant hunger and fullness signals
  • How to listen and trust your body, even when it’s asking for ice cream or wine
  • How to move your body to get the most metabolic bang for your buck
  • How to practice self-compassion and kindness as an aspect of health: totally obliterated by diet culture which basically teaches you to hate yourself thin (oops did I say that out loud)
  • How to “screw up” and “get back on the wagon” with no judgement or shame spiral or starting-over-again-on-Monday
  • How to get rid of the gosh-darn wagon altogether

Most importantly, the Reboot is a RELATIONSHIP. Not an app. Not a program. Not a plan.

You’re with me. I’m with you. There’s a community around us.

Who's it for?

I do my best work with folks who struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Have more than 15lbs of stubborn weight to lose that won't budge no matter what
  • Bewildered, confused and nervous about making the “wrong” food decisions
  • Overwhelmed by food rules: Should I be drinking more water? Should I be eating less red meat? Aren’t carbs bad for you? Etc.
  • Have a desire to explore the deeper meanings behind their desire for health improvement including (but not exclusively) fat loss
  • Have tried at least 3 other diet programs with limited/difficult sustained results, and are ready to explore something that's designed to teach you how to eat, how to move, and how to respect and understand your own body, so you never need another app, program, guru, or coach ever again

(Who it's NOT for:)

If you relate with any of the following points, The Metabolic Reboot might not be the right fit for you:

      • Those looking for fast and dramatic "quick fix" weight loss
      • Those whose need for urgent results far overshadows their willingness to sit in patience while their body heals
      • Those who really, really want to be on a diet... food scale and calorie tracking app and the whole nine yards
      • Plant-exclusive eaters; I believe in the power of protein and my method of crafting epic metabolic health is way easier with some animal protein
      • Those with athletic performance or medical reasons to eat a very specialized diet; the Metabolic Reboot teaches how to simply eat like a human

The Benefits of a Working Metabolism

When your metabolism finally wakes up, you can expect a few great side effects:

  • "Feeling better."

    I know this sounds generic, but almost every person I've ever worked with has come to me describing themselves as "not feeling as good as I know I can." It's a hard feeling to put your arms around, but if you have a sense of inner knowing that you can feel better than you do now, this will be the program for you.

    Some of the "better feelings" my clients have reported include:
    • Level energy throughout the day: no more 3pm slumps
    • Better sleeps, which results in improved feelings of vitality and vigour throughout the day
    • A clearer mind: Your brain can step up to the plate because it's more nourished and supported by fuel
    • Improved moods; reduced mood swings: A broken metabolism shows up in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is low-grade anxiety
  • Looser Pants

    When we start giving our body the fuel it is perfectly designed to use, one of the things it rewards us with is some pretty great water weight loss. In my opinion, water weight loss still counts! Your pants will feel looser. Your coworkers may comment on your face looking slimmer. You'll like what you see in the mirror. There ain't nothing wrong with that!

  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss

    Weight loss (or, as I prefer to call it, "fat loss") is, in my opinion, an eventual inevitability of a metabolism that is finally ticking like a clock, maybe for the first time since your 20s, when it was soooo easy to maintain a leaner body. Will you lose all of the fat you want to lose in 21 days? Absolutely not. But you'll start the process and learn a sustainable way to maintain it.

    Some of my past Rebooters have experienced double-digit weight loss in our 21 days together! Some do not experience any. But what's important is that we're taking a healing approach to your metabolism, and once that system of the body has been rebooted, it will begin tapping into the fat stores that have been seemingly stuck on your body for the last few years. One of the most incredible benefits of my metabolic approach to fat loss is the long term, consistent loss of excess body fat. You get a little leaner, year over year...

    Although it's not fast and dramatic, I sure don't mind going down a pants size every year; it's a helluva lot better than going the other way!

Enrollment closes at 10pm MDT on Friday, April 19th.

We start right away on Saturday, April 20th at which point you'll receive your first Reboot email, and your first live coaching session with me.

IMPORTANT: You will receive a Thanks For Joining email within 24 hours of enrolling in The Metabolic Reboot. And then you will not receive another email until April 19th, at which time you will receive your Welcome email with the invitation to the Facebook group, etc.

I can't wait to work with you.

- Erin

P.S. Purchasing your enrollment into the Reboot confirms your spot. You'll receive your first official email on April 19th, but nothing before then.

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