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6-Month Metabolism Mentorship: A Forever Fat Loss Plan

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In 2018, Erin Power helped 11 very overweight and medically unwell clients lose a total of 674lbs.

If you just whipped out your calculator to do the math on that, let me save you the time: that averages out to 60lbs per person. Which works out to about 5lbs per month.

You're probably not terribly impressed by that, and that's because weight loss programs have become overhyped and sensationalistic.

This rate of weight loss is slow. But it's also deliberate, methodical, and fully supported. Furthermore, it came with impressive downstream effects, like reversal of prediabetes and Type 2, relief from medications, and a downgrade from an "obese" BMI to an "overweight" or "normal" BMI.

This rate of health improvement may not seem exciting on paper... But it's real. I've helped nearly 1000 clients with their metabolic health over the last decade. My driving mission in life — the thing that gets me out of bed every morning — is helping beautiful, health-bewildered humans realize their true metabolic health potential.

If you're looking for fast and exciting weight loss, there is no shortage of practitioners to work with.

If you'd be happy to end your year much lighter and healthier than you started it, sign up today.

Geared toward those who have a lot of weight to lose in order to move the needle backward on diagnosed metabolic disease states like Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, here's what's included:

  • A deep intake process that turns around a totally personalized action plan to improve your metabolic health
  • Bi-weekly (every other week) coaching calls to keep you accountable and on track for 6 months
  • Lifetime access to the eat.simple Community on Facebook
  • Lifetime enrollment into every 30-Day Metabolic Reboot (a nice little top-up program, run about once every 3 months or so)

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