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February 2023 Metabolic Reboot
Video Archives
Day 1: Break Fast Epically
Day 2: Always Answer Hunger With a Meal
Day 3: Prioritize Protein
Day 4: The Funnel
Day 5: Supportive and Unsupportive Foods
Day 6: Enable Your Environment
Day 7: Slow and Low Movement -- The Most Metabolically Important
Day 8: FUEL (Fat, carbs, and ketones)
Day 9: Own the Morning
Day 10: Have a Quiet Evening, Then Go To Bed
Day 11: Practice Day

There was no video today because today was all about you quietly practicing. In fact, going off and practicing on your own is the skill to master. It's called Self Efficacy and it refers to beliving and knowing that you have the skills, knowledge, tools, and resources to do it on your own. 

So... do you?

Day 12: Better Goal-Setting Start with YOU.
Day 13: Your Genes are your Potential, Not your Destiny
Day 14: You Need to LOVE Your Food
Day 15: Strength
Day 16: Preparation
Day 17: Progress
Day 18: Self-Kindness
Day 19: Kitchen Day
Day 20: Beverages
Day 21: Breathe (Practice Day)

On practice days, there is nothing to learn. We need to quietly let things sink in and settle. 

Here is a breathing exercise to help settle your nervous system into a quiet and productive state. 

Day 22: Take 2 Walks a Day
Day 23: The Key to Success is Mini Failures
Day 24: Don't Quit
Day 25: Food Boredom/Food Excitement
Day 26: Victories
Day 27: Reboot Review
Day 28: The eat.simple Clock

Congrats on making it all the way to Day 30, Rebooter! For the next 3 months (until January 30, 2023), my offer stands to take $200 off a one-on-one coaching relationship—regularly $950 CAD, just $750 CAD for Rebooters! If you feel compelled or curious to explore this option, you can click here to book a no-obligation call with me to see if it's a good fit. 

I'm really proud of you, and I hope you feel empowered by your efforts during this month together. 

So much respect for you, 


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