Conversations I'm Tired of Having

I'm out.

D-O-N-E DONE with talking about this crap.

The following is a list of the conversations I'm tired of having — and from which I will be removing myself — from this moment forward. Let it be known.

The Conversation About the Shape, Size, Squishiness, Lumpiness, Imperfectness, Etc. of Our 40+ Year Old Bodies

We are not our bodies. We never were. We never were. But we wasted our youth worrying about it every waking minute, didn't we? Oh the things we could have used that mental, emotional, and spiritual energy on... but instead we floundered it away worrying about a thing that does not define our worth.

Why in God's name are we still talking about it at age 42, 47, 53, beyond?

At what point will we not recognize that this pursuit of physical perfection is not only depressing, but also totally boring and completely pointless? Especially at this stage of our lives. We've curated a vast museum of triumphs and accomplishments, none of which are dimmed by the fact that you have a bit of a muffin top or bra fat or wiggly arms.

If I'm in presence of fellow middle-aged goddesses, and the conversation turns to how our bodies are failing us; things aren't as tight as they used to be; pointing out the hangy bits and all of the lumps and squishy parts and flaws... do not be alarmed when I get up and walk away.

Your body is a perfect miracle and it does not deserve another f*cking decade of this degrading self-objectification. It needs to stop.

I won't participate in it.

Stupid In-Fighting Amongst Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Gurus and Experts

Vegan versus Carnivore

Macro Tracking versus Intuitive Eating

Cardio versus Weights

Credentialed versus Uncredentialed Health Experts

Health Care versus "Sick Care"

Carbs Make You Fat versus Carbs Don't Make You Fat

Calories Matter versus Calories Don't Matter...

This list could go on for-freakin-ever.

We're so busy arguing amongst ourselves and creating conflict within the ranks of our own industry that the bewildered health consumer is being left out in the cold — and still doesn't have the answers to the health and wellness questions plaguing her.

We are serving no one by continuing this circle jerk.

I'm officially done with this conversation. Done with watching nutrition documentaries. Done with watching the debunk of the debunk of the debunk of the nutrition documentary. Done with the self-importance and the self-aggrandizement.

Y'all can carry on with your posturing.

I'll be over here actually listening to the people who need our help.

Health-Shaming of Any Flavour or Variety

Fat-shaming, fit-shaming, diet-shaming. This is the era of imposing one's beliefs onto other people, aggressively and meanly. What a step back for us as a formerly impressive, intelligent, collaborative tribe.

You don't like to drink alcohol because you think it's a poison? Great, don't drink. But can you do it without putting everyone who enjoys an occasional cocktail on blast?

You think plants have toxic compounds that harm the gut, so you've committed to only eating animal protein? How awesome that you found something that works for you. You don't have to troll people who choose to eat veggies.

You've decided that you want to eat a little less animal protein because of some moral reasons that are hard to put your finger on? Stupendous. It doesn't give you license to throw red paint at our metaphorical fur coats.

You don't do cardio because you'd prefer to spend your time at the gym building strength and mass? Sweet. It doesn't mean that people who enjoy OrangeTheory or BodyPump are "wasting their time."

You had a doctor that didn't step up to the plate to help you and your family get to the root cause of your chronic health issues? Boy, that sucks. It doesn't mean that all doctors are charlatans, and the people who trust them are fools.

You had a baby 9 weeks ago and then were able to get right back to your pre-baby weight because of your commitment and discipline in the kitchen and in the gym? Fabulous. Doesn't make it okay to make other new moms feel like they've dropped the ball on looking fierce immediately after giving birth.

You think people who choose to prioritize food quality over calorie and macro tracking are "zealots" that don't understand nutrition science? Bro, you do your flexible dieting thing and crush those Pop Tarts. It doesn't mean that people who choose to eat whole foods are "f*cksticks." <- To paraphrase what an actual flexible dieting guru recently posted in his IG feed.

Our subjective experiences matter, especially when we're all out here trying to feel great, and live long, healthy, rich, awesome, and prosperous lives. If something works well for you, it's not an invitation for you to belittle those who are following different approaches.

It's okay to keep your opinions to yourself.

Try it. You just might like it.

I'm walking away from this crap in 2020.

What are you walking away from?


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